This is a poem I found on The website that self-destructs after 24 hours. I think it is too beautiful to be forgotten

I used to collect quotes from my brother, since he said a lot of clever things. After he died, I was disappointed that I couldn't do that anymore. I wrote this poem with such thoughts. It's called "Alexandria."

A woman lived in ancient times;
she could not read or write.
But oh, the stories she could tell
were each a soul's delight.

The introvert has many thoughts,
but most will stay within.
And when he dies, those thoughts
will fade,
as if they'd never been.

The elderly have lived their days,
and time has left its mark.
There's history within their minds,
of love and loss and lark.

Who knows what knowledge becomes lost
Each time life's hourglass turns.
For people live, then people go;
with each, a library burns.